Crow Court is a novel of short-stories set in Wimborne Minster in the 19th Century Crow Court is a novel of short-stories set in Wimborne Minster in the 19th Century

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Crow Court was a labour of love. Quite how much love is illustrated by the amount of labour. Very little in the fourteen sections that make up Crow Court is lacking in foundation. From the description of Victoria's wedding dress at the start to the description of geological layers at the end, the details were based on careful research. Some of these points of historicity may be of interest, so the following list might allow the curious reader to follow up with more in-depth investigations. A debt of gratitude is also owed to the authors of the works listed below.

The Bankes Family

The Exiled Collector   Anne Sebba
A Kingston Lacey Childhood   Viola Bankes and Pamela Watkins

Contemporary Reference

Dorset Post Office Directory 1859
Enquire Within Upon Everything 1890
Pigot and Company’s National Commercial Directory 1830

Crows, Corvids, Avian Behaviour and Natural Science

Corvus: A life With Birds   Esther Wilson
Crow Country   Mark Cocker
Mind of the Raven   Bernd Heinrich
The Secret Life of Birds   Colin Tudge
Traditional Witchcraft for the Woods and Forests   Melusine Draco

Gender, Sex and Sexuality

Child Sexual Abuse in Victorian England   Louise A Jackson
The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton   Diane Atkinson
Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace   Kate Summerscale
The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister   Ed. Helena Whitbread
Strangers   Graham Robb
Victorian Guide to Sex   Fern Riddell
Wilde’s Last Stand   Philip Hoare
Women Who Did   Ed. Angelique Richardson

General Histories & Monographs

Perilous Question   Antonia Fraser
The Proud Tower   Barbara Tuchman
Victoria   AN Wilson
The Victorians   AN Wilson
Victorians   Jeremy Paxman

Language and Dialect

Complete Old English   Mark Atherton
Early England   William Barnes
First Steps in Old English   Stephen Pollington
A Glossary of the Dorset Dialect   William Barnes
The People’s Poet   Alan Chedzoy
The Poems of William Barnes   Ed. Valerie Shepherd
Voices of Victorian London   Henry Mayhew

Palaeontology and Evolution

The Dinosaur Hunters   Deborah Cadbury
Earth's Deep History   Martin J S Rudwick
The Map that Changed The World   Simon Winchester
On the Origin of Species   Charles Darwin


From Sail to Steam: Recollections of a Naval Life   Captain A T Mahan
Ghost Ship   Brian Hicks
The Log of a Lime Juice   Captain James P Barker
Master in Sail   Captain James S Learmont
Rounding the Horn   Dallas Murphy
Square Rigger Days   Charles W Domville-Fife
Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative   Richard Henry Dana
The War With Cape Horn   Alan Villiers


Isaac Gulliver: Le Contrabandier   Beresford Leavens
The French Revolution   Thomas Carlyle
Smuggling In Hampshire and Dorset 1700-1850   Geoffrey Morley


The Cambridge Companion to Victorian and Edwardian Theatre   Ed. Kerry Powell
The Days I knew   Lilly Langtry
Theatre in the Victorian Age   Michael R Booth
Victorian Theatre   Russell J Jackson

Victorian Life

Britain's Working Coast in Victorian and Edwardian Times   John Hannavy
Consuming Passions   Judith Flanders
Dickens’s Victorian London 1839-1901   Alex Werner and Tony Williams
Dorset Murders   Nicola Sly
Kilbert’s Diary   Ed. William Plomer
Life in Victorian England: The Church   Virginia Schomp
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World   Deborah Cadbury
The Singing Bourgeois   Derek B Scott
The Victorian Farm   Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Rith Goodman
The Victorian House   Judith Flanders

Wimborne Minsters and Dorset

Charlie Cutler Had a Donkey   Belinda Ransome
Discover Dorset: Regency, Riot and Reform   Jo Draper
Discover Dorset: The Victorians   Jude James
A History of Wimborne Minster and District   A Lindsay Clegg
Longshoreman   Benjamin Pond
The Story of George Lovelace and the Tollpuddle Martyrs   Andrew Norman